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Get On Their Level

Did you know that Audiology Assistants can work in a variety of different practices? Wherever there’s an audiologist, there’s a need for an assistant. That means, as an Audiology Assistant, there are all sorts of choices for working with patients and improving patient care. One audiology specialty, in particular, can benefit from having an Audiology Assistant on staff: pediatric audiology. But, Audiology Assistants involved with this specialty should have certain qualities that differ slightly than those that work in the broad-spectrum practice that provides patient care to all patients with hearing healthcare needs. To offer some direction, we’ve compiled a few signs that you could be great at pediatric audiology assisting.

You Have a Passion for Pediatric Care

One of the most common questions in any interview is: “Why are you interested in this job?” The question is so typical that it might be easy to answer it indifferently, but how you answer will always matter, especially if you’re applying to be an Audiology Assistant in a pediatric clinic or in a multi-care clinic that sees a large number of pediatric patients. When audiologists decide to hire an Audiology Assistant, they are looking for someone who has a passion for their work, not just for their next paycheck.

Not everyone can or should be a pediatric Audiology Assistant, but a passion for the specialty is the first sign you could be a great one.

Your Demeanor Matters

In terms of pediatrics, you need to know what you’re getting yourself into, and it should both excite and challenge you. Pediatric audiology assisting can be fun, sad, strange, and exhausting—sometimes all in the same appointment! The job allows you to instill confidence and calm into what can be a scary time for parents who are in the fact-finding stage for the health and wellness of their new baby. It also gives you the chance to instill a positive experience with healthcare in children from the youngest age.

It’s very likely that Audiology is not the first clinic a child will visit if a hearing loss is suspected or being ruled out. These kiddos have likely been poked and prodded and they may find the experience strange or even scary. A good pediatric Audiology Assistant will be able to calm kids’ nerves and be comforting and reassuring, just with her presence. Kindness and warm humor are a big help, too. And, if you want to enter pediatrics, it really helps if you’re the sort of person others feel easy and safe around, especially children. Most pediatric Audiology Assistants will express that they “love children.”

You Speak with Kids on Their Level

If you are a pediatric Audiology Assistant, you should find it second nature to get on a child’s level, both physically and cognitively. Being able to speak with children at eye level using simple verbiage strengthens the communication between you and them. By bending down, or sitting beside them, you can demonstrate that they are important to you and that you want their attention and to give them you’re attention, too.

A good pediatric Audiology assistant will also speak with kids in a relatable way. Study up on the most recent cartoon characters and kids’ TV shows. Having that information in your repertoire will help open the doors to communicating with any child, which will help ease any anxiety and gain trust.

You’re Good at Explaining Things

All good Audiology Assistants know their stuff backwards and forwards, but those who work in a pediatric clinic have to be able to relay that information in a clear and concise way to the parents and to the child who is the patient. You may be expected to explain the booth testing to a parent and then, explain it in a completely different way to the child. Any Audiology Assisting position requires that you know what to do, but with kids you have to know and then be able to patiently show the child what to do.

You Love to Play

Sometimes the role of the pediatric Audiology Assistant includes playing games and playing with toys, often on your hands and knees. While in the test booth, a young child’s attention must be held by something slightly more intriguing than his fingers. The tools of the trade may include bubble blowing, playing with puppets or tickling toes. If you love to play and love to see a child smile, pediatric Audiology may be just the thing for you.

Pediatric Audiology assisting can be an incredible career, especially for those with the right qualities for it. If you’re interested in becoming an Audiology assistant, you can earn a Certificate of Completion in as little as 10 weeks. Contact us today and we’ll help you get started.

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