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When Is the Best Time to Hire an Audiology Assistant?

People ask me all the time, "When is the best time to hire an Audiology Assistant?" My answer? Six months ago. I know, I'm biased. Audiology Academy is geared toward creating well-educated and competent Audiology Assistants. But really, I created Audiology Academy because I was that tired mom who really just wanted to have time for a decent haircut and to feed my children before 8 pm every night. I was glad that the clinic was busy. We've been taught that busy = successful. But man, I was so tired that I wasn't enjoying life! I wasn't noticing the little things my kids were doing and learning. I wasn't spending time with friends and enjoying family. I didn't have time! And here's what I learned: Busy doesn't necessarily mean successful. It just means you're busy. And tired.

I'm convinced that Audiology Assistants are our future. We hired our first assistant 10 years ago and honestly, he changed my life. Hiring Ryan gave me back the most precious of commodities: time. And I will be forever grateful that he joined our team. I hear similar stories from audiologists who have done the same. We have now had 3 assistants and my opinion is the same: our current assistant makes me more successful and she allows me to have a work/life balance.

If you're asking whether it's time to hire an Audiology Assistant, it's usually for one of two reasons: 1. You need more time. 2. You want to grow.

It's time to consider hiring an Audiology Assistant when:

1. You're scheduling appointments out 10 days to 2 weeks.

2. You're spending time after the regular work day doing administrative and lab tasks.

3. You'd like to grow and know you would if you could just focus on what you and only you could do.

4. You want to free up time in your daily schedule by not doing tasks that don't require your degree.

5. You know that more time in your schedule would create more productivity and less stress.

6. You've considered hiring another audiologist/hearing instrument specialist but worry about cost.

7. You're tired and want to find a way to have more balance in your life.

So, what will an Audiology Assistant do in your practice?

The simple answer?

Anything that doesn't require your degree.

To be more specific, these are the typical things that an Audiology Assistant should be doing:

  • Seeing walk-in patients

  • 3 or 6 month check-ups that do not require reprogramming

  • Screening hearing exams

  • Marketing and marketing outcome tracking

  • Social media monitoring

  • Sending out repairs and ordering new devices

  • Assistive Listening Device training

  • Hearing Aid Delivery - Introduction to device

  • Inventory Audit

  • Infection control

  • Supply ordering

  • Warranty extensions

  • Battery orders

The truth is, the Audiology Assistant should be doing all the non-money-generating tasks that are vital to the clinic but do not require you, the audiologist, to be directly involved. Let's face it. If the Lab is not running smoothly or efficiently, our lives are torture. Having an assistant who can take care of those vital tasks leaves your schedule more open for patient-centered care. I'm so glad that I have an assistant. She makes me successful and not only are my patients more happy, I'm more happy. I'm able to enjoy my life and my kids because I have time to focus on them outside of the clinic. Consider an Audiology Assistant. I think it's absolutely worth it. I think you'll think so, too.

Have questions about training your Audiology Assistant? Don't know where to start? We've been there. Let us help.


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