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On The Road to Success: An Audiology Academy Trainee's Story

I have been on the receiving end of an Audiologist’s help for about 4 years now. I can hear very well again with my hearing aids. So, when I was approached at a turning point in my professional career with an opportunity to learn more about this amazing field of hearing healthcare and with potentially becoming an Audiology Assistant, I was intrigued. As I began the very well thought out learning course for Audiology Assistants offered by Audiology Academy, it only took a few pages to have my full attention. The information flowed very smoothly. I read the information on paper and it occurred to me that I had experienced these very concepts while I was being treated as a patient at follow-ups and hearing aid checkups. I was treated this way. What I was reading had happened to me! I always enjoyed my experience at the clinic. Nice people, professionals who never under promised and always over delivered. I am now hearing things I once thought lost but now, are found. This knowledge of how I can do the same for others by being an Audiology Assistant is amazing!

What I learned through the online training at Audiology Academy is that not only am I able to become a professional in the field of Audiology, I was also seeing myself align with the business goals by adding my business knowledge, skills and ideas to the team so that in a very profound way, I could help others with hearing loss like me. I have completed the courses, tests, taken notes, restudied multiple modules and feel that I will become an asset to any Audiologist willing to follow this prestigious Audiology Assistant program. And, increasing the feel-good factor for a job well done at the end of day, I know that on a business level, my supervising Audiologist will be able to provide a higher quality of care and doctoring to patients and will have more to give to the practice.

Josh Hopp. Audiology Academy Graduate

Josh Hopp, Audiology Assistant Trainee

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